Therapy provides an opportunity to slow down the rapid paces of our lives and look inward to explore the ways we cope with difficulty. Ultimately, this teaches us more about who we truly are. Pain is inevitable in our lives, but it can function as a window into our truer, deeper selves. Contacting and nurturing the parts of ourselves that have been hurt, shamed, or neglected helps us to more fully embody our unique selves and find freedom from the constraints of our pain.

As a therapist, my goal is to help you find more compassion for yourself, accepting where you are, even in the moments you usually feel guilt or shame. Looking inward in therapy to discover what you truly need and desire, you will begin to live more fully and authentically.

As we work together, I want you to experience an open and authentic relationship. In this safe environment, my intention is to assist you in moving closer to truly knowing and affirming yourself.

Eating Disorders

Below is a video in which I speak about my work with eating disorders at The Lotus Collaborative in San Francisco.